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Behavior & Acupuncture Testimonials

Behavior Testimonials
Coco and Charley

I adopted two 7-month-old dogs — Coco, a chocolate lab, and Charley, a beagle/shepherd/and who-knows-what-else. The challenges presented themselves early:

  • Difficulty in walking

  • Wild barking at the back fence

  • Lunging and barking at other dogs on walks  

Dr. Florsheim began to unfold a successful plan of training and behavioral modification — all with positive reinforcement. I began to see some immediate positive changes. From the beginning of our time together, Dr. Florsheim’s skill, intelligence, knowledge and experience have been evident. But I have also learned of her deep caring and her availability to her clients. And she and Cathy are a great team. I recommend them with great enthusiasm and respect — and with heartfelt appreciation. (Click here to read more about Coco and Charley’s before-and-after.)


Dr. Pat Saxon

Coco Charley behavior and dog training patients
Layla acupuncture and behavior patient

Three years ago you helped me with this little fellow. At 18 months rescue had given up on him because of his severe resource guarding.   With your help, I learned how to handle Austin's behavior and teach him new behaviors.   He became a more confident dog.  He is beloved by his whole family.  They say he is funny, goofy and sweet.  The one thing they never talk about is resource guarding.  His guarding episodes are far and few between.  Last time he had one is over 10 months ago. They walk away from him when he did it, and he immediately stopped because he wanted to be doing what his family was doing.  If you remember, the first time he was in his forever home he chased the cat, and the cat would hiss at him.  Now they are buddies and are on squirrel patrol together.   Thank you for saving this boy's life.  You are the greatest.  

Karen Burkholz


Dr. Florsheim was referred to me due to anxiety issues my dog suddenly started experiencing: Whining, not sleeping at night, whimpering, very aggressive tendencies to strange dogs, etc. Thanks to Dr. Florsheim’s recommendations, coupled with the required drug therapy that helped calm my dog, Abby, as needed, I now have my dog back, complete with playing with my other dog and toys in the back yard. With one visit to her office, followed by my all-too-often, yet promptly answered emails, Dr. Florsheim has helped me to deal with the dog’s anxiety issues most successfully. I have learned the right things to do to make us both happy and feel as though I successfully have my dog back thanks to her assistance! Thank you Dr. Florsheim. (Click here to read more about Abby’s before-and-after.)


Tracey Garvey Dunham

After having been around other dogs with no problems, Louis picked a fight with a friend’s dog. Thinking him being unneutered was part of the problem, we scheduled the surgery. Louis wasn’t used to being in a kennel, however, and was scared and stressed. The vet had to give him extra sedatives to calm him. After that, he was never OK with strangers. After Dr. Florsheim’s assessment, she and Cathy developed a program for Louis. We saw the biggest leap in his behavior after we learned about Behavior Adjustment Training. A year ago, I wasn’t comfortable walking him by myself; now I do all the time. We are constantly surprised when Louis sees something once scary to him and just looks to us for a treat. Scary things are always paired with something yummy, so now it’s not frightening anymore. I would tell someone who has a pet with behavioral issues to please call Veterinary Behavior Solutions. (Click here to read more about Louis’ before-and-after.)


Brooke Ingram


Kodi came to us when my brother passed away unexpectedly. Kodi’s problem was the abrupt change of his environment and the people in his life. Every time I get up, he gets up and goes with me. He wasn’t sleeping and could care less about eating. I couldn’t even leave the house; he just panicked. Trying to sneak out made it a lot worse. The medication Dr. Florsheim ( put him on has helped him so much. Kodi has been taking fluoxetine for about nine months. It’s helped tremendously. He now knows I’m going to come back. Before that, he was just frantic. Now I pet him and tell him I’ll be right back, and he’s fine. It’s made all the difference. (Click here to read more about Kodi’s before-and-after.)


Debbie Langford

Acupuncture Testimonials

Dr. Amanda Florsheim changed our little man, Francis’, life. When I first picked him up from a veterinary office three years ago, he could barely walk and was in noticeable pain. His back legs were in such bad shape, he basically dragged them behind him, only able to use them in small spurts with minimal rear mobility. Surgery was not an option, so DFW Pug Rescue recommended acupuncture therapy from Dr. Florsheim. Even after one visit, there were noticeable results. Francis truly has made a complete turnaround from the sad, mobility-challenged little man … to a spunky little spitfire who loves to go on walks and outruns our other two senior Pugs so that he can always get to the dog bed first. Dr. Florsheim can definitely make a difference in both your pet’s life and yours. (Click here to read more about Francis’ before-and-after.)


Courtney Taylor

Francis acupuncture patient
Layla acupuncture and behavior patient

In 2012 our chocolate Lab, Layla, had a stroke. No one knew how to help her. Thankfully, we were given the name Dr. Amanda Florsheim. She assessed Layla, and immediately started giving us ideas on things we could try. More than anything, though, she gave us HOPE. Over the next few months, Dr. Florsheim readjusted the medications and dosages until we found a combination that worked best. The improvement in Layla was nothing short of miraculous. We also started acupuncture treatments, and they made an immediate and visible difference in Layla. I can never thank Dr. Florsheim enough for giving us our dog back. Dr. Florsheim is all the things you want in someone who works with your pet — helpful, caring, knowledgeable, and honest. You cannot find anyone better. (Click here to read more about Layla’s before-and-after.)


Colette Miller


Dakota, 16, was originally referred for acupuncture for limping on her right front leg. Since starting acupuncture, that problem has only recurred a couple times in the last 3 years and it’s been very mild and short-lived. This year she tore her back left ACL, so that has caused a change in her stability and mobility. Acupuncture has kept her going at her maximum ability, though! Dakota isn’t a people dog, but she has always loved Dr. Florsheim. My boxer has had health issues; he can’t take pain meds. So if and when he requires pain medication, I know that Dr. Florsheim and acupuncture will be his best pain relief. (Click here to read more about Dakota’s before-and-after.)


Reg Morgan

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