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Abby Testimonial

Dr. Florsheim was referred to me by Dr. Roberts at Banfield Pet Hospital due to anxiety issues my dog suddenly started experiencing: Whining, not sleeping at night and whimpering, very aggressive tendencies to other strange dogs, etc.


Thanks to Dr. Florsheim’s recommendations, coupled with the required drug therapy that helped calm my dog, Abby, as needed, I now have my dog back, complete with playing with my other dog and toys in the back yard. With one visit to her office followed by my all-too-often, yet promptly answered emails, Dr. Florsheim has helped me to deal with the dog’s anxiety issues most successfully. Abby now listens to classical music to calm her, goes to my room and barks when she wants it turned on (not kidding) and I am getting more rest at night. I have learned the right things to do to make us both happy and feel as though I successfully have my dog back thanks to her assistance! Thank you Dr. Florsheim.


Tracey Garvey Dunham

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