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What to Expect At Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment:

  • When you call or email to set up an appointment, someone from our friendly receptionist team will walk you through our scheduling process. If you decide to book, they will schedule you and your pet for a 2-hour consultation with Dr. Florsheim. Appointments may go longer or shorter depending on your pet’s needs. All appointments are prorated to amount of time spent. 

  • Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be emailed a questionnaire. This questionnaire is long and detailed, but is invaluable in helping us assess your pet. Please return the questionnaire along with your pet’s complete medical history at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If we receive these later, Dr. Florsheim may review them during the appointment, which could increase the length of your consultation.

Day of your appointment - Please bring:

  1. Only the pet being evaluated (For safety and efficiency)

  2. Up to 2 adult family members. If you have young children, please bring items for entertainment.

  3. A bag of treats or your pet’s food if your pet has any food restrictions

In the behavior room, Dr. Florsheim will observe and evaluate your pet to develop a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. When appropriate, Dr. Florsheim may perform a physical exam and perform or recommend diagnostics.

Her treatment plan may include the following that are tailored towards your pet:

  1. Behavior management

  2. Behavior modification training

  3. Ancillary interventions (supplements, pheromones, nutrition, or medication)

Her technician, Jess, will come in towards the end of the appointment to recap everything and implement any behavior modification training that was discussed.

After your appointment:

Dr. Florsheim will forward you and your vet your pet’s behavior treatment plan. If medication is involved, we will be able to refill any meds needed.

Routine follow-up is the key to success!

  • Your appointment includes 4 months of email and phone support. During that time, keep us posted on what’s going on so that we can make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

  • Dr. F will recommend a 4-6 month recheck after your initial consultation as a nice benchmark and comparison point for your pet.

  • In addition, she may recommend further training sessions with a certified trainer from our recommended trainer list to help you implement the treatment plan with your pet.

  • After that, we only need to see your pet yearly to continue a veterinary-client-patient-relationship.

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