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What to Expect At Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment:

  • When you contact Jennifer to set up an appointment, she will schedule you and your pet for a 2-hour consultation with Dr. Florsheim. While not all appointments take two hours, and rarely appointments may go longer, that block of time ensures we are able to talk about all of your concerns.  

  • At the time you set your appointment, Jennifer will send you a questionnaire. While this questionnaire is long and detailed, it is invaluable in helping us assess your pet. Please return the questionnaire along with your pet’s complete medical history at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If we receive these later, Dr. Florsheim may review them during the appointment, which could increase the length of your consultation.

Day of your appointment:

  • Having another pet in the room could limit our ability to work with your pet, so please only bring the pet being evaluated. Please bring all human family members. If you have young children, please bring items to help entertain them – 2 hours can be a long time for little ones!

  • Dr. Florsheim will discuss any medical problems that could be contributing to your pet's behavior issues. When possible, she will perform a physical exam and may recommend additional diagnostics such as bloodwork.  

  • After discussing your pet’s history with you and observing your pet to identify triggers and determine underlying problems, Dr. Florsheim will:

    • Make an assessment

    • Discuss your pet's diagnosis and prognosis

    • Develop a treatment plan with you that best fits your needs and your pet's needs. Behavior treatment plans include:

      • Steps to ensure your pet and those around your pet are safe

      • Behavior modification guidance intended to change the behavior your pet is offering by addressing underlying causes 

      • Additional options that can include:

                        - Nutrition

                        - Pheromones

                        - Supplements

                        - Medication

After your appointment:

  • Dr. Florsheim will forward your behavior treatment plan and handouts that outline the behavior modification steps you discussed during the appointment.

  • Your appointment includes four months of email and phone calls to help you implement your behavior program. We may set up a recheck near the end of that time frame to make further adjustments to your behavior plan. This will reset that 4-month follow-up clock.

  • We encourage you to email or call every week or every other week so we can adjust your pet's plan as needed.  

  • If Dr. Florsheim prescribes medication, she will provide refills for up to 4 months. Past 4 months, we will need to see your pet for a recheck in order to continue to refill medication.    

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