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Behavior Medicine

What is behavior medicine?

Behavior medicine is about a great deal more than medicine. We look at your pet’s “whole” health. Behavior can be impacted by many things including environment, various underlying diseases, pain, infection and nutrition. At Veterinary Behavior Solutions, we offer a comprehensive look at your pet’s behavioral health by taking the whole pet into account and addressing underlying causes rather than just trying to limit symptoms. 


Does my pet need behavior medicine?

  • If your pet is anxious, destructive or showing aggression …

  • If your pet struggles with basic training …

  • If your pet seems scared, shut down or you are concerned about his or her quality of life …


Let us help.

We are passionate about helping pets and their people through behavior modification using scientifically and ethically appropriate methods as well as utilizing management techniques and ancillary options to support the modification program.

Cat training a high five
Omar and Dre

We start with a questionnaire and an appointment for your pet. After learning about you and your pet, and seeing him or her with you, Dr. Florsheim will evaluate your pet and put together a plan to work on improving his or her quality of life. Sometimes that includes medication; sometimes a training program; sometimes, it’s both.


What will behavior medicine do to help?

We create a treatment plan that includes behavior management and modification recommendations and discuss the use of additional support options including pheromones, medication, supplements and nutrition changes, if needed. Our services include four months of email or phone follow-up to help you start your plan, work with your pet and check progress. The goal is to improve both your and your pet’s quality of life.


What to Expect At Your Appointment 


Frequently Asked Questions 

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