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Francis Testimonial

Dr. Amanda Florsheim changed our little man, Francis’, life. Francis is a rescue who we foster, but since he’s considered a respite Pug, he has become a wonderful, permanent addition to our family. When I first picked him up from a veterinary office three years ago, he could barely walk and was in noticeable pain. His back legs were in such bad shape, he basically dragged them behind him, only able to use them in small spurts with minimal rear mobility. He had a variety of pain medications he took on a daily basis – Rimadyl and Tramadol among them. Surgery was not an option, so DFW Pug Rescue recommended acupuncture therapy from Dr. Florsheim. Even after one visit, there were noticeable results. He seemed more comfortable, and he began trying to use his back legs more when he walked. We started with bi-weekly therapy that involved a combination of acupuncture, TENS therapy and Vitamin B shots. He continued to show marked improvement, not only in quality of life (his personality started to shine!), but in his ability to use his legs. Over the past few years, we’ve been able to decrease his number of visits even as he’s aged (he’s estimated to be between 9 and 11 years old). He’s now the happiest, peppiest little Pug! He gets around better than we ever could have hoped without pain medication, running for his dog bed as soon as he comes in the door. Francis truly has made a complete turnaround from the sad, mobility-challenged little man who made his way into our lives and hearts three years ago, to a spunky little spit fire who loves to go on walks and outruns our other two senior Pugs so that he can always get to the dog bed first. Dr. Florsheim can definitely make a difference in both your pet’s life and yours.


Courtney Taylor

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