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Dakota Testimonial

Dakota, a lab/Golden Retriever, just turned 16. She is not the dog I’d bet on to live this long. She’s always the one: We’ll all walk in the field, and she’s the only one with stickers. She’s the one to get gum on the bottom of her foot. I’ve never seen a dog get gum on her foot.


Dakota was originally referred for acupuncture for limping on her right front leg. We knew she had spondylosis in her neck. She also had a lower back problem. She was already on a lot of medication, then she started limping all the time. Dr. Epstein said, “Why don’t you try acupuncture, instead of piling on these meds?”


Since starting acupuncture, that problem has only recurred a couple times in the last 3 years and it’s been very mild and short-lived. This year she tore her back left ACL, so that has caused a change in her stability and mobility. Acupuncture has kept her going at her maximum ability, though!


Dakota loves Dr. Florsheim. She isn’t a people dog, but she has always loved Dr. Florsheim. She’s becoming more unstable, so we’re talking about going to every two weeks. Now she gets it every three weeks.


My boxer has had health issues; he can’t take pain meds. Anything is too strong. Even a 10th of a dosage, he’s out. And he has a delicate stomach. So if and when he requires pain medication, I know that Dr. Florsheim and acupuncture will be his best pain relief.


Reg Morgan

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