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Kodi Testimonial

Kodi came to us when my brother passed away unexpectedly. They were each other’s loves. Kodi’s problem was the abrupt change of his environment and the people in his life. We knew him to a degree, but not to the point to feel comfortable with each other. He did and I think still does watch for my brother. And he is right with me. Every time I get up, he gets up and goes with me. He wasn’t sleeping and could care less about eating. I sometimes would get down on the floor with him to encourage him to eat. I couldn’t even leave the house; he just panicked. I say he has OCD. Trying to sneak out made it a lot worse. Everywhere I am, he wants to be right by me.


Kodi has been taking fluoxetine for about nine months. The medication Dr. Florsheim,  put him on has helped him so much. It’s helped tremendously. He now knows I’m going to come back. Before that, he was just frantic. It was a horrible thing for me to walk out the door. He was searching and pacing; he wouldn’t lie down. It’s like he was terrified; he totally loses his ability to function; he just becomes so agitated. He would be exhausted. Now I pet him and tell him I’ll be right back, and he’s fine. It’s made all the difference. I come home, he’ll touch me with his nose on my leg, and he’s happy.


Debbie Langford

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