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Layla Testimonial

In 2012 our chocolate Lab, Layla, had an episode that changed her completely. After months of different tests, and different specialists, an MRI determined that she had had a stroke. The news was devastating because there was not much information on strokes in dogs, and even our regular vet had not heard of strokes in dogs. No one knew how to help her. Thankfully, we were given the name of Dr. Amanda Florsheim by a receptionist who worked in the neurological center where she was finally diagnosed. I called, explained what our problem was, and she agreed to see Layla.


Right away I felt comfortable with her. She assessed Layla, and immediately started giving us ideas on things we could try. More than anything, though, she gave us HOPE. Over the next few months, Dr. Florsheim readjusted the medications and dosages until we found a combination that worked best. The improvement in Layla was nothing short of miraculous. We also started acupuncture treatments, and they made an immediate and visible difference in Layla. I can never thank Dr. Florsheim enough for giving us our dog back.


We have continued to see Dr. Florsheim on a regular basis to monitor Layla, discuss her issues, and to get acupuncture treatments. Layla is now 12 years old, and the treatments make a huge difference in her movement.


Dr. Florsheim is all the things you want in someone who works with your pet — helpful, caring, knowledgeable, and honest. You cannot find anyone better.  


Colette Miller

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